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How To Easy add your Business Address to Google Maps 2020?

There Are few way add your Business Address to Google Maps 2020?

How To add your Business Address to Google Maps 2020?

If you need to add your business on Google maps, a location or a point of interest, continue reading this short guide and in a few steps we will show you how to add a place on Google Maps!

Create a Google business account add your Business Address to Google Maps

To add your Business Address to Google Maps, all you need is a Google account. Since this is a business, Google strongly suggests you create, not a simple account, but a Google My Business account. The difference for you is practically zero, it is a procedure very similar to opening a mailbox, but it gives you a number of important advantages.

First of all, the information you add your Business Address to Google Maps from the My Business account will be considered more reliable by both Google and the users themselves. In practice, you are recognized that you are an entrepreneur who has an interest and a name to defend when entering his information, not a simple user who adds places on Google Maps for a simple spirit of service or hobby.

Furthermore, you will be able to interact and reply to the comments that those who search for you on Google Maps leave on the web and, very importantly, you will be able to know who has searched for you on Google Maps, how many people have phoned you directly using the number that appears on the maps and, in general , all the data that have to do with your position on Google maps.

Well! Now that you know the benefits, you are ready to find out how to sign up for Google business and how our location fits on Google Maps!

Add your Business Address to Google Map

The process of creating a Google My Business account takes a few minutes, but it is essential to be accurate. You will be asked for basic information about your company, such as name, company name, activity carried out, etc. You will then be asked to indicate an address for your business to add to Google Maps. Finally, you can insert photos, website, business hours and further information. Connect to Google My Business by clicking here to get start

Enter as much information as possible taking care to be as accurate as possible, it is essential because it has been shown that adding photos to Google Maps for your business, for example, increases the chances of being chosen by customers through Google Maps twice, compared to who has no photos!

add your Business Address to Google Maps & Verify

At this point Google will ask you to verify your information. In some cases it is possible to do this by mail or phone and the registration page will tell you how. Generally, the procedure for verifying your Google Maps location and the associated business account takes place through a postcard. By clicking on the “Send” button at the end of the procedure, Google will send you a postcard with a verification code to the address you indicated as your business on the maps. Once you have received the postcard, log back into your business account and enter this code.

From this moment on, you will not only be on Google Maps, but you will also be a verified activity and therefore more attractive and reliable for customers and for Google!

How To Easy add your Business Address to Google Maps 2020?
How To Easy add your Business Address to Google Maps 2020

How to claim a business on Google Maps

It may happen that in the era of the share economy, someone has already added your business to Google Maps or that Google simply noticed you and added it automatically. Don’t panic, no one is stealing your business or information about your store. If this happens, create your Google My Business profile as normal and then click on the “Claim business” option.

The procedure is very similar to creating a new or add your Business Address to Google Maps, you just have to confirm or modify and add information to your profile. Once you have verified your address with the postcard, everything will be under your control

add your Business Address to Google Maps or photos for a non-commercial activity

If you simply want to add a place on Google Maps, but it is not a business, you clearly don’t need Google My Business, but a simple Google account. Once connected, go to Google Maps, type and search for the address and then click on “Add a missing place“. Google Maps will ask you to specify some information about this place and the more accurate you are, the faster Google will verify. In this case, no postcard will be sent to you. Google will cross-reference its data on that place and once it has verified that the information is correct, it will send you an email confirming that the place has been added to Google Maps.

If you only want to add a photo on Google Maps to an already present place, you just have to click on the option add a photo (you should find it in the business card that appears on the left).

Be careful, however, you cannot add photos for normal addresses, such as private homes, but only of “places of interest”: in practice, public places such as parks, squares or public and commercial activities

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