Ag. Higuain: ‘Farewell decided only by Juve, we expected a chance from Pirlo. Suarez and Dzeko? Look at the statistics … ‘| First page

A decided future, but still in search of defined contours. Gonzalo Higuain he will leave Juve: when, how and with what destination are elements yet to be discovered. Nicolas, brother-agent of the Pipita, works in Buenos Aires to find a solution and a Tuttosport he explains: “In 2016 Juve made an important effort. Now Gonzalo still has one year on his contract, but the club and Pirlo have unilaterally decided to leave and therefore we must find a termination that represents a good agreement for everyone.”

DISAPPOINTMENT – “We expected Pirlo to give Gonzalo a chance, since we are still talking about a striker who has scored 350 goals in recent years. It takes ten years to achieve them, then unfortunately everything is forgotten quickly. Juve’s ambition is win the Champions League, but I don’t know how many players have won 3 league titles and scored 66 goals in all. But we are football people and we know that these things can happen. We appreciated Pirlo’s frankness, who told Gonzalo what he thought. it always happens and it was important. “

ON THE REQUEST FOR FAREWELL – “We still don’t know how to go into these details, we only discussed the technical aspect. Pirlo and the managers have decided that there is no place for Gonzalo, now we will look for an agreement. I am convinced that there will be no big problems because we have a relationship. great with executives. ”

ON THE TIMES – “I think it will take a few weeks also for logistical reasons. I am in Buenos Aires and, not yet having a community passport, I am struggling to reach Turin due to the pandemic. We are talking at a distance, but it will be important to meet”.

ON THE FUTURE – “We have received many polls from France, England, Spain, China, USA … Many proposals, but none to make your legs shake. We will evaluate calmly, but two things are sure: Gonzalo will no longer play in Italy. And above all, never at the Boca Juniors. He grew up in the River and will never pass to rivals. That voice is a huge bullshit, like the one that could stop. It’s not the time yet, he wants to play. He feels strong in his head and physique “.

ABOUT DZEKO AND SUAREZ – “Look at the statistics and evaluate. Having said that, I don’t like talking about others. I repeat: the choice is Juve.”

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