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21.20 The figures in detail: the Milan will pay 10 million euros immediately into the coffers of Brescia to which will be added 15 million euros of redemption rights and another 10 million euros of bonuses linked to the sporting performance of the player and the club. Finally, 10% on the difference between the price of a future resale and that of the amount paid for its purchase will be added to this figure.

21.00 The agreement has been reached: Sandro Tonali is getting closer and closer to being a Milan player. According to what has been learned from during the evening the contacts between the Rossoneri managers and the boss Cellino were fruitful and led to the total agreement on the figures and methods of purchasing the midfielder who will arrive at the Rossoneri on loan with the right of redemption. In the next few hours everything will be put in black and white, even the contractual details and the agreement that had already been reached in principle with the player’s agent, Beppe Bozzo.

14.00 Milan tightens its grip on Sandro Tonali. Continuous contacts to try to close an already well-addressed operation, starting with the speeches between the Rossoneri and the player: in the next few hours, according to what has been learned from, a new contact is expected between Paolo Maldini and the midfielder’s agent, Giuseppe Bozzo, but the general agreement has already been found for a five-year period. Net sprint of Devil which has thus clearly surpassed Inter, which has changed its strategy and has been at a standstill for days on young profiles, with the high risk of being permanently cut off from the race to Tonali who no longer wants to wait and intends to define his future in a short time.

BARGAIN NEAR – Agreement with the 2000 class, which could thus crown the dream of wearing the colors he has been passionate about since childhood, it remains to find an agreement with the Brescia: the latest offer presented, 10 million euros for the interest-bearing loan with the right of redemption set at 25 million, has clearly met the president’s requests Cellino, which pushes to transform law into obligation. Recent appreciations of the number one of the Swallows for Maldini, however, they suggest that the climate is relaxed and that there are margins to break even this last node, we are also thinking about the possibility of inserting a percentage on the future resale in favor of Brescia. AC Milan sprint, Tonali pushes to dress the Rossoneri: the deal is getting closer and closer.

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