An ugly Inter turn Parma over and win 2-1 in extremis. Conte saves only the result | First page

The Inter save a game potentially to be thrown away, but in the last 10 minutes of the game he overturns and wins 2-1 a game he had seen on Parma dominate far and wide and also waste numerous opportunities. Gervinho’s goal made the Nerazzurri suffer, but de Vrij and Bastoni’s goals gave Conte three unexpected but vital points in the Champions League race.

Without Antonio Conte on the bench the nerazzurri seem to be a whole other team, lacking a bite, slow, predictable and, above all, without any defensive logic. D’Aversa exploits this indecision from the very beginning and takes the lead with a lethal Gervinho in front of the goal and able to exploit the blunder on the right of Candreva and D’Ambrosio.

Cornelius and Kulusevski between controversies and wasted opportunities keep Inter alive for over 60 minutes, but in the second half also thanks to the changes, the Nerazzurri find a minimal, albeit sterile reaction. The exit of a very disappointed Eriksen and the entry of Sanchez in particular give the shock and from a kick placed in the 84 ‘comes the turning point. De Vrij is in the right place at the right time for the 1-1. Kucka is expelled for protests and a few minutes after Bastoni, a cross from Moses just heads in the middle of the area.

The game ends there, with Conte thanking and taking home 3 undeserved, but vital points, which bring the gap on Atalanta back to +4 for the race in third place and still keep a faint flame alive in the championship race even if to be celebrated , for the Nerazzurri, there is really only the result.

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