Arthur is not Pjanic: he will play mezzala and he is not yet a top. He will have to become Juventus First page

Arthur is coming. And Miralem Pjanic will go away. An exchange with great value for the budget, but which has important meanings also as regards the field. Starting from one aspect: Arthur is not the natural substitute for Pjanic. Then who knows, over time, if the Juventus coach wanted to insist, he could also become a low director. As well as a playmaker. On the other hand, the Bosnian too has adapted to this position a little at a time. But for the moment Arthur is none of this. He is a central midfielder, especially at home as an intern in a three-man midfield, with great dribbling and quality. But he is not a director, nor a cursor like the Sami Khedira of cheerful memory.

WHERE WILL PLAY – Arthur will then bring quality to a midfield like the black and white one that needs it. If he continued to play with a three-way median, he would be comfortable in the role of left midfielder above all, even if he would not have the pace to cover the shoulders of Cristiano Ronaldo as Blaise can do right now Matuidi. And if you were to switch to a system with a midfield four in line, you could support the other half.

WITH AND WITHOUT SARRI – At first glance, he may therefore seem a completely suitable player for Sarri’s football as we used to understand him before the commander’s landing in Turin. But it is not his request, because the operation had first of all economic foundations. Then it will be up to Sarri to make the most of it, provided he is on the bench next season.

THE INCOGNITA – Then there remains an unknown factor regarding the absolute evaluation of the player. On paper a bargain or almost: seven years less than Pjanic, lighter engagement, etc. etc. But before the recent downturn Pjanic managed to establish himself as a top, becoming the director on which the midfield of Allegri’s Juve was built and then Sarri’s. Arthur also from this point of view is not Pjanic for now, because beyond a monstrous evaluation of about 80 million he is also a player who has played just six games in season. There will have been reasons. Juve’s hope is that they are all part of the Barcelona management error category.

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