Atalanta, Gasperini: ‘This team doesn’t seem to need me. Gosens? At the beginning it wasn’t like that … ‘| A league

Gian Piero Gasperini, coach ofAtalanta, speak to Sky Sport after the comeback on the Lazio: “In the stands you feel bad, because you are less in contact with the players. You live it in a different way, but I must say that it is a game that has given me great satisfaction, because I have the feeling that it is a team that has no need a coach, he knows what to do, he plays by heart. ”

THE LIMITS – “An Atalanta that has a maturity and a certainty that never disappears, as in this game. To overturn a 2-0 after a few minutes … there was already the conviction from the interval. There is a certain mentality” .

A LARGE TEAM – “To suffer a lot at the beginning? It has happened a lot in these years, we are unable to remedy. We also got more covered, but we suffered anyway. Then in difficult conditions, under 2-0, we found balance just moving Toloi, Djimsiti and Papu to be the third striker and we didn’t take the strings anymore. But every game is a different situation “.

OUTDOOR – “Gosens’ ability in the goal area has grown over time, at the beginning he was struggling to finish. Now he does it with quality, head, left, improved with his right. Even Hateboer could score. Papu Gomez is a universal player, like the volleyball player who plays with a different shirt, he always gives the team a hand. And now we hope to recover Ilicic, he has entered tonight anyway and has demonstrated his qualities “.

ABOUT TULLIO GRITTI – Two words about his assistant, who replaced him on the bench today, Tullio Gritti: “He was a strong Serie C player, he was an extraordinary striker, he was very strong at the head. Was the goal against AC Milan with Brescia? He was wrong, it was luck (laughs). ”

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