Atalanta, listen to Lippi: ‘I have only one great regret for the Champions League …’ | Champions League

This evening, at about 11pm, in Bergamo those 3 ‘thrillers against PSG will be relived who destroyed Atalanta’s dream exactly a week ago, preventing them from entering the Semifinal. Where would they meet Leipzig, twin team devoted to attack, and this race that will not be played is a ghost that haunts even the c.t. of Italy world champion Marcello Lippi: “I have only one big regret: the elimination of Atalanta. La Dea would have been wonderful in this quartet of semifinalists “, unveiled a The Gazzetta dello Sport.

BAYERN WINNER- In the end I think Bayern will win. But what emotions, what a show. There are many champions still in the race and there are two teams that are living a fairy tale. Qhis Bayern looks like a flawless football machine. They go at a hundred per hour. All. They have balance and quality in every department “.

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