Atalantamania: what a rematch on Lazio! Inter, avoid | A league

Here we go again, after this race I can say with certainty that the 4-month stop is just an illusion for the Goddess, which has remained in all respects that of the past. If against Sassuolo he showed his most aggressive side, that of the goleade without limits and the races closed at the start whistle, he used last night quell’astuzia which she had already used several times. The attack in neutral, the median in stall, the defense in doll and go below two goals after a few minutes. ‘Who knows how many of them trim it now at the end, many will have thought, but above all it must have thought there‘Biancoceleste eagle, which fell in full. Because despite the empty stadium, none of the Lazio players heard at the break Papu whispering to his friends in the tunnel: ‘Don’t worry, when we go out we turn it upside down!’

DO NOT PASS IN BERGAMO- Is exactly that belief who had been missing the Goddess in the last two games, not without controversy, played against the Inzaghi band. The Italian Cup final, still a nightmare for the nerazzurri, and the 3-0 of thethe outward which at 90 ‘becomes 3-3. Lazio’s back then seemed like a feat, with two questionable penalties, but the real feat is last night’s, equalize it only to win it. To take away 3 precious points in the run-up Scudetto of which the Goddess, whether you like it or not, it is deciding the fate. After the hatred and controversy over a match that should have been played on March 7th because the 6th was not going to Lotito, Atalanta has taken a good revenge on the field. Total shots? 24 vs 6. Shots on target? 7 vs 3.

PASS FOR EUROPE- All thanks to a competition called Champions League that he gave to the Goddess experience, conviction and self-confidence. She is no longer the Olympian Goddess, she is an Olympian Goddess, mindful of her weak points (the counterattack, the opposing verticalizations) but aware that the strong ones are more (the sacrifice, the constancy, the scent of the goal, the feeling in front of the goal, the 1 on 1, the work of the wings, continue?). I stop, with an example that explains everything. Lazio haven’t played for 4 months, yet 4 players asked Inzaghi for a change. Atalanta returned to running after just 72 hours and yet, when Gosens was ‘forced’ to go out, he kicked the bench. And Gomez with the cramps remained on the field. There are 11 lions who want to take everything. Inter included.

INTER ONE STEP- Less 4. These are the points that separate the Goddess from a historical and repeated third place. These are the days that counted the Nerazzurri at the final whistle before another game in their lives. The one against Udinese away from home. Hoping that meanwhile, the much loved and hated Andreas Cornelius, has not run out of cartridges. Because if the Milanese Nerazzurri get lost in speculations about how to blow Robin Hood Gosens to European rivals (they also cared about Gagliardini‚Ķ), the German in the meantime could betray them on the field, exceeding the round figure and arriving on August 2 – in Bergamo – to a face to face dangerous for the purposes of the classification. Other than the boring 3-3 at times of Inter-Sassuolo, Atalanta and Lazio play another football and deserve to be on top. Both. Bergamasca’s three goals tell all about her. That of Gosens, the certainty of being well and doing badly. Malinovskyi’s, the joker to play when the ace has already passed and the ladder uphill. Palomino’s, the symbol of possible reversals, from worst to best in nothing. IS chapeau al Papu, indomitable leader who lacks only the goal but not the desire to grab a well deserved third place. Inter, look behind you, even if smaller like Gomez, the Goddess can pass under your legs without even noticing. Maybe while you miss a goal one step away from the net.

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