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AC Milan and Tiemoué Bakayoko, a market telenovela probably destined to accompany us from here until the official conclusion of this special negotiation window scheduled for next 5 October. The player wants to wear the Rossoneri shirt again, Paolo Maldini considers him the ideal element to complete a midfielder that promises a lot with Bennacer, Kessie and Tonali: there seem to be all the ingredients for a reunion after the excellent championship played two seasons ago by the French, but the last and decisive go-ahead is still missing, that of Chelsea.

THE PARADOX – The English club, owner of his card, it does not appear willing to grant discounts, despite having opened the loan formula: 30 million euros asked for the redemption in June 2021 from the beginning, 30 million continues to ask today, even more so after having conducted a purchase campaign of approximately 250 million and with the need to raise cash so as not to create financial imbalances. The paradox of this whole affair is that Bakayoko is a player on which management and coach Frank Lampard are not betting at all for the present or even for the future., nevertheless, they continue to claim a very important figure, just under 35 million that Milan chose not to pay two summers ago, as they were considered excessive to combine with a salary of 6 million net per season. After a year considered extremely positive in terms of performance.

AC MILAN WAITS – The proof that Chelsea does not believe in Bakayoko is given by the fact that they chose to sell him temporarily to Monaco even a year ago, despite having then the market still blocked due to the disqualification suffered by Fifa. But there is more: today, on the occasion of the official presentation of the list of jersey numbers for the players of the first team, the name of the player of Ivorian origins does not appear. A further clue that is added, such as the agreement already reached with Milan for the engagement that would eventually get, halved compared to that currently perceived and therefore in line with the parameters imposed by the Rossoneri ownership. Lyon’s interest that has emerged in recent weeks has faded, leaving room for that of the Crystal Palace, in turn ready to withdraw it with the loan formula. For now, Bakayoko does not open a window and continues to press in one direction, that of Milan, which for its part does not go beyond a redemption offer of 20 million and evaluates the alternatives that lead to Soumaré of Lille and Florentino of Benfica.

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