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Més que un club“: the motto that stands out in the stands of the Camp Nou is not a simple slogan, but the real DNA of a machine as simple as it is complex. Simple, because the diktat is todo por el Barça. Complex, because the Catalan structure makes the Blaugrana club unique in the world. Let’s clarify: Barcelona is an elective presidency, led – at the moment – by Josep Maria Bartomeu. He is the great enemy of Leo Messi and, in general, of the senators. It is especially to him that Gerard Piqué turned at the end of the humiliating 8-2 against Bayern Munich: “The club needs changes and I’m not talking about the manager or the players, I don’t want to report anyone. I think the club needs all kinds of changes.”

CLASH – Words and music, as clear as they are hard. Piqué, the true leader of the locker room, put his face on it and didn’t send them to say. Nothing new in the parts of Catalonia: for some time, in fact, the rift between the senators and the leadership has been irremediable. Bartomeu’s recent decisions have not convinced Messi and associates, starting with the choice of Setién. A technician with whom the flea never tied up, a source of clash with team manager Abidal, who had blamed the players themselves for Valverde’s departure. For this reason, for months, in the locker room there has been cheering for only one name, John Laporta. Former president from 2003 to 2010, Laporta brought 4 championships, 2 Champions League and a Club World Cup to Catalonia. In recent months, here is the announcement: “I am ready to reapply to resolve the precarious economic situation”. A real revolution to change Barcelona from head to toe. Starting with ds Ramòn Planes and dg Oscar Grau, other elements that enjoy – euphemism – of very little esteem in the locker room. In the sights there are crazy expenses and totally wrong market choices: from Dembélé to Coutinho, up to the Griezmann flop. Disbursements that have led Barça into a serious economic crisis, where debts are king.

REVOLUTION – The reflections on the bench are now inevitable. After the 8-2 in Lisbon, President Bartomeu assured us: “We have to make decisions: we have already made some, we will announce them in the next few days”. And the decisions are written: it will be goodbye for Setién, Abidal, Planes and Grau. The zero titles won this season, the first time since 2007-2008, are too big a boulder not to consider it. On pole, to replace the former Betis Sevilla manager, there is now Xavi, blaugrana doc, praised by Bartomeu himself in recent weeks: “I have an excellent relationship with him, we talk about many issues”. Another hypothesis to take into consideration is linked to Mauricio Pochettino, free after being exonerated from Tottenham and ready to get back in the saddle. The rumors about Massimiliano Allegri, whose philosophy also appears decidedly different from that of Barcelona, ​​are not confirmed. A particular team, a unique company. Més que un club. Ready for the revolution.

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