Barcelona: Suarez must take passport for Juve | Market

Juventus has found an agreement with Luis Suarez. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, if he managed to free himself from Barcelona, ​​the Uruguayan striker would sign a three-year contract worth around 10 million euros net per season with the bianconeri. Which, thanks to the tax relief, would spend 15 million gross a year.

In this summer market, Juve has already sold out the two non-EU slots with Arthur (Brazil) and McKennie (United States). Suarez does not (yet) have a community passport, but can take the Italian one. Given the Friulian origins of his wife, Sofia Balbi, an Italian citizen like her three children. Luis never made the request because he never needed it, just as he would never have even asked for Spanish citizenship which would also be due to any Uruguayan with a work contract of at least two years in Spain. For the Liga Suarez is to all effects community by virtue of his wife’s passport, instead to play in Italy would need an extra step: an exam at the Italian Consulate in Barcelona (Covid does not facilitate making a quick appointment) or the simpler request for Spanish citizenship. Nothing complex that could blow up a very well established business, just a few days of extra patience.

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