BENEVENTO IN SERIES A! 1-0 at Juve Stabia, Inzaghi exults | Other leagues Italy

Benevento, in 10 against 11, wins 1-0 with Juve Stabia, thanks to a magic by Marco Sau, and flies arithmetically in Serie A. Sole to caress the ball and jump the goalkeeper, left-handed to throw the ball under the intersection of the posts and make the presence of the two defenders of the team useless Wasps on the goal line: there is the signing of the former Cagliari in the victory that decrees the promotion of the Witches. Rejoice Inzaghi, like when he played, who returns to Serie A and does so from the front door.

Behind Benevento, there is a close fight for second place: tie the Crotone in the house ofAscoli, wins the Citadel against the Perugia and just hooks the Pythagoreans in second place. A double Diaw fold Cosmi and makes the Venetians fly. Evil Spice, who loses at home against Pisa, ninth in the standings. Staying in the playoff area, at Pordenone 2-0 is enough to get the better ofEntella, while the Frosinone can no longer win: 2-0 against Chievo, Nesta’s men can’t find 3 points from 4 games.

Out of the playoffs, the challenge between 1-1 ends Empoli is Pescara: Ciciretti answers Maniero from the spot. At the bottom of the ranking, however, he loses Livorno against the Venice, while the Trapani is resumed from Cosenza: from 2-0 to 2-2. At 18.45, however, Salernitana-Cremonese ended 3 even. But this is the evening of Benevento, which returns to Serie A after dominating this championship from start to finish.

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