Benevento, Inzaghi candidate for relegation: but a year ago they said so also about Verona … | Our bets

The announcement of the purchase of Lapadula and Caprari did not soften the bookmakers: according to them, the Benevento he is a serious candidate for relegation. This is the opinion of the analysts, who already have the odds ready for the Serie A championship, starting on 19 September. A further challenge for the team of Inzaghi, which, however, among the three newly promoted, is the one that has the most chance of getting by. Given already doomed it Spice, whose relegation is just 1.06. Not much better is the Crotone, at 1.25, while Benevento reports Agipronews, is the third choice, at 1.50. The three relegated, therefore, could be the teams that have just arrived in Serie A. It is up to Benevento to retrace the path of Verona, which a year ago was the most serious candidate for B, before taking off towards the medium-high ranking. Among others, it risks the Genoa at 2.85, a little less Parma and Sampdoria, at 4.50 and 5.50 respectively. Relatively quiet Udinese (7.00), Verona (8.00) and Cagliari (11). They keep offshore Bologna (12) Turin (15) and Sassuolo (26).

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