Bresciamania: Reserves turn off the light | A league

When one season is wrong nothing turns in the right direction. This will have thought Massimo Cellino seeing fade the victory against Genoa on Saturday. A 2-2 to shout revenge above all because it takes Brescia even more into the race for stay in Serie A. A point arrived at the end of 90 ‘in which all emerged the essence of a team full of contradictions in which too few players are up to the category. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last one either the swallows can be resumed after a first half played at excellent rhythms and with good game patterns. The problem is connection and current between the starting eleven and the reserves: whoever enters turns the blue-white light off producing a total blackout.

Already a Florence against the Fiorentina the Brescia in the second half he had found himself in numerical superiority for over 20 ‘. Sull ‘1-1 it was time to push, to aim for the coup at Franchi. Diego Lopez he had tried inserting some men from Park bench getting the opposite result. So it was also against Genoa where the Uruguayan coach, first on the 2-1 advantage and then on the 2-2 he had tried to do something throwing fresh forces into the fray. The result was once more poor! This because the Brescia rose reveals gaps and very heavy gaps to affect the outcome of the matches and the economy of the championship. Brescia is not the last by chance.

If this is also bad luck and bad luck taxation of Irrati in decreeing on 2-0 a very dubious penalty the reasoning about having stumbled in a season that is very bad for Brescia is absolutely clear. Good is the will of the group and the desire not to give up until the end. But in Serie A is not enough: in the top league the quality is needed, the one that Brescia has in the eleventh holder and little else.

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