Cagliari, Giulini: ‘Happy for the 40 points. Does Nainggolan stay? It depends on one thing ‘| Market

Thomas Giulini, president of the Cagliari, speak to Sky Sport after the 0-0 against Fiorentina: “I come to talk here because I do it every time we reach 40 points: I congratulate the team, because we deal with heavy absences. Playing every three days the importance of the five changes is sensational, Fiorentina was able to do them while we let’s go on with them. Besides last year we played with Atalanta who squeezed us. Unfortunately we didn’t win tonight, it was a game played openly, but in any case we are happy with the 40 points “.

ON NAINGGOLAN – “The first gift that I would like to give to the fans is to reopen the stadium, at least in a percentage part. The players are already squeezed, for the fans themselves it would be even worse to continue without the public, there is the risk of making them fall out of love. We would like to have them at least at last with Juventus to celebrate the Centenary. I still can’t answer Radja, it depends on where we manage to position ourselves ”

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