Cagliari, the report cards of CM: Nandez cross and delight, excellent Cragno | A league

Fiorentina- Cagliari 0-0 Spider 7: Two miracles, especially one on Kouamè just entered, which lock the Sardinian door. Constant security for the whole team.
Lykogiannis 6: A moped in the lane, goes a lot and tries a big blow that worries Fiorentina.
Klavan 6.5: Performance from Liverpool of the former Liverpool, which takes over the Sardinian rear. Beautiful an advance on Vlahovic only in the area.
Walukiewicz 6: The young defender plays a careful and flawless game.
Mattiello 6: Also valuable on the wing, he keeps the Fiorentina side down and plays a careful game
Nainggolan 6: Match less sparkling than others, but always solid and careful. He also engages Dragowski with a fireball from outside the area that the Pole manages to repel.
Nandez 6: Excellent game of Uruguayan, which fights like a lion. Half a vote less for the gross error with the door wide open, where he is hypnotized by Dragowski.
Rog 6.5: Excellent performance in midfield, always precise and attentive. Skilled in stealing many balls and restarting the Sardinian action, good at building the maneuver.
(From 18 ‘s.t. Ionita 5.5: Covers carefully, but can not help significantly in the midfield)
Birsa 5.5: The already high quality of the Cagliari midfield should increase, but his game is impalpable.
(From 34 ‘s.t. Faragò: SV)
Joao Pedro 5.5: Less brilliant than other seasonal outings, observed the special purple defense that never gives up.
(From 18 ‘s.t. Ragatzu 6: Fight and try, but failing to be incisive).
Simeone 6.5: Excellent performance by Cholito, who also finds the goal, canceled for offside.
Zenga 6: His Cagliari tries and also builds a couple of truly dangerous occasions, which he cannot however take advantage of.

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