Cagliari, Zenga: ‘Goal canceled by Simeone? Table football rule. On Nainggolan and Joao Pedro … ‘| A league

Walter Zenga, coach of the Cagliari, speaks at the press conference on the eve of the match against Torino: “We have to think game by game. Nainggolan? He’s a top player, he’s fine, he already knew before the match against Atalanta that he would play 50-60 minutes, but he made himself available as always. How is Cagliari doing? You have to look at how a game develops and the various situations that arise: in 11 against 11 we had the same chances as Atalanta, also because the goal canceled by Simeone, because of a rule invented by someone who likes table football with armless men, could change everything. Then, there were ten of us against a team with 83 goals scored, if Cragno was the best on the pitch I don’t see where the problem is: I liked the team like in Bologna, surely those who were able to work more than me had some advantages over us, but it is not an alibi. Cagliari tired? The numbers to read are also others, also because in Bologna there was an incredible emergency and some play with injections: these guys deserve more respect, I defend them because they train great with great sacrifices. Of the last 180 minutes, 120 we did them great, the other 60 in numerical inferiority, the numbers must be read objectively. Who among the lines to make Nainggolan catch a breath? We also have Pereiro who is recovering. Against Atalanta we put Rog there. Joao Pedro is decisive: it is not to be revitalized, if a player always participates in goal actions, there is no problem and he is not tired. It is a little troubled, but nothing special. The defence? Pisacane played with an infiltration and I owe him a lot for what he did with Atalanta and Bologna. In this championship so close, anything can happen: I have one thing in mind, then we hope everything goes well in training. The Fiorentina season? There are vintages that are born like this, at the rose level nothing can be said at Viola: team of the highest quality, sometimes you don’t need great players but those who can marry well on the field. I congratulate Fiorentina and my friend Iachini whom I love very much. In this championship everything is different from what we were used to, I give an example that can make you laugh: you must also provide the air conditioning turned off in the changing rooms. Mine is a great group, with great will: when you are tired it is what you need, not the body. The best game of the season in the first leg? There is no comparison with then, they are two completely different and incomparable worlds. I just told the kids to remember those moments, but today is another situation. ”

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