Capello: ‘Ronaldo disappointed. Sarri? Juventus ‘goal is the Champions League, Lyon …’ | A league

Fabio Hair has clear ideas. At the Gazzetta dello Sport said: “Juve does not have an easy practice to deal with. When you have to recover, you can make mistakes and maybe the doubts that have surfaced in recent times due to some defensive difficulties may arise. The fundamental thing is not to be in a hurry. From experience I say that the anxiety to overturn the result of the first leg can play bad jokes. The approach and the management of the race are decisive “.

LYON – «Lyon can be cooler in the muscles, but more rusty in the game. The advantage of having played many games is a point in favor of Juve. For this reason the French must be approached with attention and intelligence. Taking the classic goal on the break can be devastating ».

SARRI – “Sarri has already reached a great milestone, but it is known that the main goal of Juve is the Champions League. For this reason, the criticism is very demanding. Sarri had the merit of accepting coexistence with Juventus’ mother philosophy: the important thing is to win. It would have been dangerous to go sideways. But you can see that he is trying to impose his ideas: the critical point, as always in football, is the time factor ».

RONALDO – “Ronaldo was keen on the top scorer and failing the target disappointed him, but he is one who immediately raises his head. It’s always tomorrow for him. I foresee a super-motivated CR7 ».

DE LIGT – «De Ligt represents the future. He can set and defend. I think Juve has found a new Chiellini who also has a sense of goal ».

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