Catania says goodbye to firm B, but now it is ready to start stronger Other leagues Italy

Thus ends the dream “B”, for Calcio Catania which comes out of the second round of the playoffs with a draw (1-1) in the home of Ternana (classified a position higher than Catania) which then wins the passage to the next round. The Etneans have shown determination and desire to win until the last second of the game, honoring the shirt e the fans who a few days before their departure for Umbria had started a free collection initiative to help them with the expenses, reaching a figure of 9260 euros in just two days. This idea of ​​the fans did nothing but underline the the will of the city not to give up and the union between them and the players. Deadlines and clauses of the announcement Meanwhile despite the defeat, the biggest victory seems to be near for Catania that this time will not be decided on the field but in court, it came out in fact, a few days ago, the public tender for the acquisition of the entire company. The deadline for submitting proposals is July 22nd; the next day the envelopes will be opened and we will proceed with any relaunches. The auction base is € 1,329,000, and minimum raises of € 25,000 are allowed. Also on this occasion the SIGI SPA, a company led by Etna entrepreneurs, has underlined their desire to win the club, ensuring constant work in the event of a positive outcome, to try to get back from existing debts as quickly as possible. Payment of incoming arrears wages
In the meantime, the sole director of the Etna club, Astorina, said during an interview that he was working for it all back wages, not cashed by a part of footballers since January, are paid by July 15th; underlining the great commitment that the whole team has made, despite the economic and corporate difficulties, deciding to fight together for a single goal, also driven by the great motivation transmitted by mister Lucarelli, who even during the stop has never stopped encouraging and stimulating them. Waiting for the outcome of the announcement: who will win the club? Last days of waiting then for the rossazzurri and for the whole city, which await the outcome of the announcement. A result that will represent the restart of a club that despite the latest difficulties, has never stopped fighting, thus removing the specter of bankruptcy, when everything now for the 11700 freshman seemed to be over.

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