Chiellini snubs Shevchenko: ‘A great man like Owen, but not as a Ballon d’Or as Totti’ | A league

Giorgi Chiellini, captain of the Juventus, came out in the bookstore with his autobiography, Me, Giorgio, in which he speaks of Francis Totti, of the Golden Ball and Andriy Shevchenko: “A great player with whom I played but almost only as an opponent is Francesco Totti. I had seen him in the national team in a couple of games before the 2006 World Cup, then he left the blue. Anyway, between Juventus and Rome we didn’t miss Francesco was immense, really, and it was a shame not to see him perform on other stages, but from a romantic point of view it was wonderful that he dedicated his whole life to Rome. In the end he won much less than he could have been, he was a Golden Ball, and perhaps the growth that comes from every change has been partially denied, but those who think it was a comfortable choice did not understand anything: it was only a love choice. When you don’t win, it can go through your head to look elsewhere for opportunities to do it, but Totti is a ‘Roman from Rome’ like nobody, and this explains why he didn’t move from there. ” THE GOLDEN BALL –That Golden Ball could have really won him, before the hegemony of aliens. They gave it to players like Owen or Shevchenko, big, but certainly not more than Totti. He had his eyes behind his head, they managed to play them that no one could even imagine. I saw him express fantastic football, first with an explosive physicality and then with an immense class, albeit at a slower pace. On a technical, mental and game level, Totti was a true champion: simply a genius. And together with Cassano’s fantastic disorder, he formed the most beautiful and impossible couple in Rome, perhaps ever. Pure poetry”.

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