Chirico: ‘The absurd case of Suarez and the carelessness of Juventus’ | First page

Without words. And if you really need to find them, they can only be negative. Because what happened on the Suarez affair is truly incredible. Errors in sequence and pure marks: first the exhaustion of places in the squad for non-EU players with the purchase of the American McKennie, without a double passport while playing in the Bundesliga since 2016, after which the incaponation on Uruguayan who is in Barcelona, ​​the which – although with a wife of Friulian origins – has not taken up the procedure for obtaining Italian citizenship since 2018. Essential at this time for Juventus to be able to register him.

However, letting someone like Suarez escape, among other things at discount prices because the Barca is unloading him, would have been crazy, and then Paratici and Nedved threw themselves headlong into it, even booking an Italian exam at the ‘University of Perugia, but a few hours after that test, they realized that the time required to obtain the documents necessary to make the Pistolero a Community citizen from the Interior Ministry would have exceeded the delivery date of the Champions lists to UEFA, and then they threw in the towel.

Without a ready alternative, another center-forward to be made available to Pirlo, as Milik still hasn’t come off Naples, and if Roma can’t catch him, Dzeko won’t let go of Madama. A clumsiness and an organizational carelessness that are badly associated with the Juve model we were used to. Was it possible for Juventus not to know, before entering into negotiations with Barca and the player, that Suarez did not have a double psssaporto? And no one had previously informed about the timing of the issue of an Italian citizenship? I find it hard to think, because that’s the first thing anyone would think of doing to any of us. Unless Continassa thought of obtaining a preferential lane at the Ministry of the Interior, thus reducing the time for issuing documents, but apparently in Rome there is no one available to do Juventus a favor, and that doesn’t surprise me at all.

In this regard, someone had already started tearing up their clothes in advance if such a thing had ever happened, that is, speeding up the bureaucratic process for obtaining citizenship. For a footballer? What bullies these Juventus players are, and how disgusting! You want to put together those gentlemen who bought fake documents at the Latina Police Headquarters and through them they managed to get community passports for their players, come on. At Juve, in order to do everything according to the rules and not offend the civic sense, they gave up on going ahead and said hello to Suarez. Guilty, because – aware of all these bureaucratic difficulties – nThey shouldn’t have squeezed into this mess from the start and instead focused only on Dzeko. Or don’t buy McKennie.

I still want to hope it didn’t really go that way, and Suarez doesn’t come because he can’t get all the money he wants from Barcelona as a severance pay. Because, taking up what Sarri said one day, “You are giving amateurs to our executives” and I don’t want to.

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