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Four thousand people out for a walk, no longer working. Millions of people around the world, orphans of their dreams. Yes, because the artists-athletes of the “Cirque du Soleil” knew how to give people until the epidemic of the century forced them to suspend their physical, musical and kaleidoscopic narratives, because they were authentic fairy tales for young and old. The most beautiful show in the world closes its doors due to bankruptcy. And it’s not a saying. For thirty-six years the “imaginary tent” had hosted an audience that, while appreciating circus art, could not bear the idea that for entertainment other animals of all kinds were exploited as it was canonically imposed by circus law.

He was a young and imaginative Canadian fire eater who thought and invented the itinerant event that would revolutionize the classic canons of the “Barnum” without taking anything away from the suggestions of an ancient art such as mono. Guy Laliberté, with that already evocative surname, created the “Cirque du Soleil” which in a few years became and took root as the most popular event on the whole planet. No animals, but only clowns and trapeze artists and tightrope walkers and musicians and choreographers and above all an incredible number of athletes who could have safely participated in the Olympics without disfiguring. The visionary Laliberté’s dream had therefore transformed reality and he could afford the luxury of traveling in space on board the Soyuz 16 spacecraft. A dream that to be kept alive required a very expensive economic commitment.

Now the planetary lockdown that still exists in some countries of the world has prevented the complex and delicate circus machine from continuing to operate and yesterday, in Montreal where it all began, the definitive end of the “Cirque du Soleil” killed by Covid was decreed. To affirm that we are all poorer is not a banal rhetoric. And it’s very sad.

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