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Lazio cannot end at Milinkovic-Savic’s goal, in Bergamo. During the lockdown, the idea that when the Serie A had restarted, it would give us a long duel for the championship, kept us company. We neglected that the first step for Simone Inzaghi would be in Bergamo, where satanassi play. That when they are below two goals they seem to have more fun.

And now? Now there is Fiorentina. That is not really the stationery team under the house. But he will have heavy absences such as Church and Caceres. The share of the first half-1 final it would suggest that Lazio was second in the standings – which had made that positive “banner” – very little remained. I don’t believe it and I take it.

Brescia-Genoa? They will attack from 1 ‘, there is little to defend here. And they know it more than I do, who deploy me as one man on the goal. In the last 6 of Genoa 5 have been over, this should lighten the ideas more than anything else.

Passage in the La Liga. Barcelona realized all of a sudden that this title is about to lose it. And therefore Barcelona must be rediscovered what a tremble the world does. Until the end with Real Madrid we will go with the boots of the 7 leagues, victory after victory. False steps? Ring the neighbor’s intercom. Celta Vigo has just cleared the Real Sociedad temple after destroying Alaves at home. Hard bone to eat but only 3 points are needed, there are no alternative ways.

The interesting odds may be that of Bayern not winning at the Wolfsburg Arena. I saw the last of the hosts and I saw them great, as if they were annoyed by the fact of closing the Bundesliga here, they would go on until September. Bayern have come here (including the Cup) 5 times and wreak havoc. This seems like the right challenge to stop the bleeding. Since the title has already slipped to the Bavarians and Wolfsburg still has competition from Hoffenheim (which could have its crickets in Dortmund). The altitude makes you lick your fingers. Although it is said that guests have already started the answering machine.


Lazio-Fiorentina first half / final 1/1 (2.35)
Brescia-Genoa goal (1.65)
Celta Vigo-Barcelona 2 (1.62)
Wolfsburg-Bayern Munich 1X (2.05)

The quaterna is worth 12.8 times the stake.

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