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We may have bombed. It could be the decisive day. There are the Turin and Lazio-Milan derby. There is a traffic light as big as a house that flashes yellow. could shoot on red.

Juve begins to rise, if then the best individuals start to score the goals they have made in Marassi, it is useless to talk about it and do the math: it is the strongest. Then there is a mediocre Turin, which does not convince. Once we would have said that the grenades would lie on the field to not let Juve pass, now not. The altitude is low but I don’t understand how it can be higher.

The Rubik’s cube of the day is at the Olimpico in Rome. Between Lazio is Milan important points are played and without the Immobile-Caicedo attack tandem. How can Simone Inzaghi win it? What can be invented to make the necessary goals without those two? What about AC Milan? Is that what the goal scored at the last breath of breath saved in Ferrara or what Rome liked again?

For me, no doubt, Pioli will play it seriously despite his streak as an ex-biancoceleste. The victory of Lazio under those conditions I would not bet at any altitude: if Milan finds the legs of a real team, the double outside is an absolute creed. The Romans are called to the miracle, not that they cannot do it but without my money.

The third race is important as if we were facing a championship challenge. The Lecce he came out destroyed from the home play-off with Sampdoria, he did not deserve to lose it in that way because the slope in the face of Bonazzoli to Donati was from red card and stop. He must resume the race with the Sassuolo, there are no half measures. De Zerbi has a team that flies when it runs, it could even win it. But with the blood in his veins that Lecce will pulse, the X2 at that altitude do not let me repeat.


Juventus-Turin 1 (odd 1.30)

Lazio-Milan X2 (1.56)

Sassuolo-Lecce (2.55)

The terno is worth 5.17 times the mail

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