CM Betting: the Premier starts again! The Loco immediately challenges Klopp, a 14.5 back Our bets

Here we are. Password: Premier League. One of the most important tournaments in the world, with Liverpool looking for a quick encore and the other great Chelsea players on the trail, after a very high level transfer market that still does not stop.

In the first day Arsenal and Liverpool on the pitch. THE Gunners, the healthiest team of all (they won the Fa Cup and Community Shield in a blazing August) visit one of their favorite victims, newly promoted Fulham. Just to say: five matches have been won in the past seven years (out of five). Only the oldest ended up with a goal difference, all the others with quiet and pot-bellied victories. The share of 2 with a minimum difference of two goals is paid the right amount, you go great.

So the reigning champions of the Liverpool. Also for them a team that rises from the Championship, the Leeds by the fantastic Marcelo Bielsa. This summer, too, he was searched under the radar by some squadron who wanted to take him away. But the Loco he stayed and made his debut with his troop in Klopp’s house, risking a beating right away. Three of the last five (including the Cup) have ended up with handicap victories for the big players, plus one victory with the minimum difference and a draw. For me we will see a wide success despite Bielsa has taken the maximum of countermeasures. And he knows how to do it even if he has to stem the title holders here and it’s not easy.

Crystal Palace-Southampton is other music. We could be facing a challenge of total balance. Despite the draw at the CP, it has not been seen since 2008 when the two were in the Championship. Seven out of eight defeats to close the last Premier for the CP say that seeing another one here is particularly tough in terms of numbers. However, of the last three matches two – both at Southampton – ended 1-1. Exactly the result that could come back.

PS Pay attention to the times, those who want to participate already in Fulham-Arsenal will have to move in time since it starts at 13.30. Happy Premier League everyone, without forgetting that on the same day La Liga is also uncorked (but no squadron is involved).


Fulham-Arsenal 2 / handicap (odds 2.55)

Liverpool-Leeds 1 / handicap (1.78)

Crystal Palace-Southampton X (3.20)

The terno is worth 14.5 times the stake

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