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It’s hot; remember what you felt at the school essay (which could not be done). Despite this, in Serie A there is hail of goals. If we were to make an account, much, much better defensive attacks so far. We will see if the symphony will continue in a pesto July.

Sunday seems to have been done on purpose. And ideas lead to a large share. Starting with Milan-Roma. That it will certainly have been better in life but in the period of COVID it seems a total wonder. As Dzeko admired against Ranieri, two wide-arm pirouettes and still talk about it all over Europe. Like AC Milan seen in Lecce, many players (one for all, Bonaventura) seen on the ball as the fish-ball. There is air of battle in all areas of the field. And many goals, even if Ibra – if … – would not be him yet. In the last six league matches, for Roma only one under: it seems like a trend, in the first leg it was 2-1 for Fonseca.

TO Parma another big battle, this one in the evening. Antonio Conte didn’t take that home draw well with Sassuolo and he wants to make up for it even after Skriniar’s sclerata. Parma looks like a bulldozer, it has players to keep in mind if you don’t want to go out with planed (nerazzurre) bones. From the reappearance so far 16 goals in the 4 games played by both, 18 if we want to add the Italian Cup 1-1 to San Paolo. They therefore mark as if the goal difference is worth. The goal / over 2.5 share would seem to be taken and taken home, too much but too high. On the way to Meazza he was a pyrotechnician 2-2. It could even repeat itself or thereabouts.

Milan e Inter equal. Now two more matches are coming that could – also these – be photocopied. Sassuolo and Verona is Sampdoria-Bologna. But here it can be enough to stop at the goal. Starting from the handpiece of De Zerbi who marks and takes it as if that were his only job. So far 2 games from the return on the field and 11 goals between facts and suffered: an enormity. For Juric only 5 but 2 made them his Verona. In the first leg Sassuolo won 1-0: from here to the end will the Emilians ever repeat such a “meager” result? Against anyone?

Ranieri returns home after admiring a more than discreet Sampdoria stretched out by the phenomenon that is Dzeko when he finds such a day. But the game that serves the most is this against the great former Blucerchiato Sinisa. Which in turn comes with a smooth back first from Lazio and then from Juventus. Seen both, they seem teams in good physical condition anyway. May they give us a goal paid for. In the first leg Bologna won 2-1: 3 goals there too. I told you it can be another soooo funny day on TV. Remote control and go.


Milan-Roma goal / over 2,5 (share 2.03)
Parma-Inter goal / over 2,5 (2.38)
Sassuolo-Verona goal (1.66)
Sampdoria-Bologna goal (1.63)

The quaterna is worth 13.0 times the stake.

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