CM Scommesse: the long-distance challenge between Juve and Lazio and Barcellona-Atletico, four times as big as 8.10 times the stake | Our bets

Juventus and Lazio return to the field. It is true that the trap can always be there but it is also true that at this point you should go from success to success until the direct clash of the Stadium. Where Lazio would be forced to win, because the 4 points are 4 points. And not specks of dust.

Transfers for both, Juve at Ferraris col Genoa and Lazio just a turin. Sarri & Company have not convinced everyone even with the 4-0 at Lecce but obviously these are the ones who are never satisfied. In fact, for one thing, Gonzalo Higuain was seen again in goals. And if you tell me that it is little we are not there. Genoa is one of three – with Lecce and Sampdoria – who should play it until the last day. And therefore every half point that falls on the ground collects it. But shopping just against the leaders seems optimistic to the nth. In the first leg Juve won a crazy game with the penalty taken and transformed by Cristiano, at 96! The share is just under 50 per 100 but it is his.

Lazio in Turin does not give the same certainties. Meanwhile, because the grenades at home are better than away (18 points against 14) and then because the goals suffered by Simone Inzaghi’s boys since their reappearance (4 in 2 rounds, against Atalanta and Fiorentina) also say so. And if Belotti is not just anybody, here too we will have to tremble in defense. The first leg ended 4 to nothing for Lazio, all the more reason to seek redemption. The share of the goal is all there.

In La Liga there is a classic appointment, Barcelona-Atletico Madrid. This season there is no talk of direct clash for the title given the 11 points that are in the way. But the Blaugrana, who are behind Real, must win them all, even against the “mastiff” Simeone. Which as usual presents a defense of steel, only 2 goals conceded more than the leaders of Zidane. But Barcelona also give away this year under full hands: 5 in the last 7. In the first leg Messi made the difference in the 86th minute. And if the game doesn’t stop soon, even here we will suffer from the scorers.

More or less the same at the Annex Stadium in Brighton where an underpinning goal will be played: Brighton-Manchester United. Because? Because the average of the goals seen in the games played by Brighton is 2.42, one of the “leanest” of the tournament. And because outside the home United has produced three poor little and lonely overs. In the first leg it was 3-1 but Old Trafford was played, not quite the same.


Genoa-Juventus 2 (odds 1.48)

Torino-Lazio goals (1,70)

Barcelona-Atletico Madrid under 2.5 (1.77)

Brighton-Manchester United under 2.5 (1.82)

The quaterna is worth 8.10 times the post

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