Confusion to CM: ‘The Conte-Inter case is covering up Juve’s problems. Serie A upset by the virus, there will be the playoffs’ | First page

Bewilderment, given the Champions League final, one would think that Italian football is still very far from that general quality. Do you agree?
“Yes, we are very far away and I must tell you that although Inter is better than Juventus at the moment, the Europa League is not even remotely close to the Champions League, it is another thing, we are on a much lower level. that the decisive man of the final was De Jong with his brace: well, I don’t think De Jong would play starter in the top clubs of the Champions “

Inter Chapter: Does Conte stay or go?
“I have no idea, seriously, I struggle to understand”

What do not you understand?
“Obviously the club does not want to exempt him, but if Conte wants to leave it is his right, this seems clear to me. I don’t understand these things, I don’t know this type of language well, it seems to me a bogus language, which is used when he wants to get something more. I’d like people to understand that too. I find it undignified. Do you want to go? You go. They resign and it ends there. And when it ends you offer champagne for everyone. “

Nice picture, but it doesn’t seem to me to adhere to Conte. I ask you: what will become of Allegri?
“I don’t think it’s already done with Inter. The real surprise is that he is free at the end of August. We have always thought that he has an agreement with a team, but evidently he is not. The real news is that he is free. who has not yet married “.

Allegri, Sarri, Spalletti. And then down the level Mazzarri, Semplici, Maran. So many big ones out.
“The best are out, this is the truth. Our real problem is our lack of experience. We no longer have teachers, people to learn from. A whole movement is in crisis.”

Do you think that if contagion cases increase, Serie A risks slipping?
“In this August of returns from holidays, the infections have increased. Previously, the players were swabs every three days, and in fact in the Champions League and in the Europa League it worked. But that there will be a completely upset championship, that’s for sure. Let’s expect the groups and then the playoffs, I’m afraid there will be an urgency to tighten the season “

What market do you expect? Raiola said that the real market will take place in January?
“There is little money, there is no longer a market, there are three or four markets during the year. The real exchanges – the important ones – you can do them between ten companies in Europe, I mean exchanges with players of the same level. the rest all the other A-clubs will exchange low-level players, people who are cheap and have a medium-low quality level. But on the market let me add one thing. “

You are welcome.
“The great mystery of the transfer market is Juventus. The Conte case is covering the Juventus problems. The question is: will Juventus leave or double? It is an unknown factor, after so many years of certainty, we are facing a possible moment of turning point “.

We know that the Ballon d’Or will not be awarded this year. But who would you give it to?
“To Lewandowski. He was a great player in the best team, he won the title of top scorer in the Champions League, Bundesliga and the German Cup. He is not an invented player now. He is decisive, he is a champion.”

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