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I wrote about innate a few days ago masochism that affects Inter in moments when everything seems to go smoothly. It is truly incredible and inexplicable. Conte thought it was easier to eradicate this “madness” from Appiano Gentile. Conte wanted to make Inter “normal”, he wanted to remove her from Gotham’s Arkham Asylum and free her from her mental slavery. Yes, because that’s what it is. An anomalous team. Perhaps the mistake was not only to underestimate the “problem” but, above all, to not go along with it, making it a strength. Perhaps the solution was not to “heal” Inter but to make his “madness” special, the strength of the team and the environment.

Conte is good, very good indeed. The former national team coach is one of the best coaches around and his 12 million a year, which are now on everyone’s lips and are very fashionable, are certainly well spent, but he also makes some mistakes, not just on exchange rates (they are often all wrong). This is Inter, Inter is crazy and its madness must be supported to make it useful for a superior good: victory. Inter of treble he won everything without losing his identity or his madness. Having said that, however, Conte is right about many things. An acquired result cannot always be thrown away. Against Sassuolo it was a sporting “suicide” not to be repeated for any reason.

Conte has admonished his, he has brought them to attention, he will certainly have given inputs in similar future situations but 7 days (7 !!!) after his repayed him by falling back, again, when this time it seemed really impossible. But Inter makes the impossible very possible both for good (lately little) and for bad. It happens then that on the 1-0 home game against Bologna in 10 the Nerazzurri decide to write the script for a dramatic film (for us): penalty, Lukaku is too good gives the penalty to Lautaro, who does not even score with the hands in this period, also giving him a basin on the head. Romelu (who is a top top for me) leaves the badness at home, the desire to score and bring Ronaldo closer to the top scorer, the ferocity for the desire to win to console the “puppy” Martinez distracted by his desire for Barcelona. Result? Failed penalty (3 out of 7 at Inter) and game still hanging in the balance. And here begins the now famous Nerazzurri psychosis. Gagliardini makes a mistake (there is) and then an auto-tunnel is invented in his area for the draw of Bologna, which after the expulsion of Bastoni will also go on to win.

To err is human, unfortunately to persevere devilish and Inter perseveres, as well as persevering. Conte is right, although perhaps in the wrong ways. It takes players from another level if you want to reach … another level. The beginning and the base have been put down. De Vrij, Skriniar, Brozovic, Barella, Eriksen and Lukaku. But that’s not enough. The work is still long and those who, like me, had not deluded themselves at the beginning of the year were right. The limits of the squad are evident and although Conte is given the “plaintive” his considerations are evidently supported by the facts. Too many players for too long on the team are not from Inter.

There are those who say that with 12 million a year he has a duty to win. I do not agree. The money he takes is due for his winning status and his way of working. With him you have to build. It starts from the top you have (and he is) and others are added slowly (Hakimi teaches). The same ones who now want Conte’s head (who knows who they want to replace it with) they are the same people who compliment Liverpool for waiting for Klopp who now wins and has fun with i Reds. Had he been at Inter, Klopp would have been crucified after eighth place in the first year. The good ones are good but you have to give them the material to emerge. Conte must also be patient and must not distort what he has. With the help of the corporate program, he only has to make Inter’s crazy environment successful and make his innate and inexhaustible madness so beautiful.

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