Conte: ‘Messi? Easier to move the Duomo. My honesty bothers me, I can’t be the one to tell Inter’s story ‘| First page

Speaking to the microphones of Sky, the technician Inter, Antonio Conte, expresses his satisfaction for the growth of his team and issues a dry judgment on the possible arrival of Leo Messi in Milan.

“Today we faced a strong team that, as I said even before the game, in recent years has been the only one to bother Juventus. A strong team that has implemented the squad with valuable elements. It was not easy, we were playing after Atalanta’s victory and we were forced to win the game, but these are important situations because we have to get used to feeling the pressure of those behind and reacting. We replied as a team, we were compact and I’m happy for the boys. If we do calculations against Atalanta? We had to do the calculations today because we came from so many games. We made calculations to get to the next game with a little more rest. Then after 4 days we will also have the Europa League. There is the possibility of recovering a little more than in the last period. Atalanta is a reality right now, there is little to say. Gasperini has done an excellent job, in attack he has players who can resolve the game at any time. It will be a good test for us to understand who we are, it’s nice to finish the championship with a game like this. If at the beginning of the year I would have signed to have these points in the standings after the penultimate championship? I cannot be the one to tell the story of Inter, you journalists have to do it, to report the numbers and the work done. I understand that I create expectations and many judgments are conditioned by this, someone may think that as soon as I arrive, with my touch, I win. Sometimes it has happened in the past. I am always very honest and correct when I speak and this sometimes annoys someone. Then attacking me also brings advertisements because I’m not the last of the gang. Then I’m sorry because I hear offensive things about my job and my professionalism. I put all my passion into it. I try to be a value I add, an accelerator ”.

ON MESSI – “Better 4 players of 50 million or just Messi? I think both of them are unacceptable. But right now I hold onto mine who are throwing their hearts over the obstacle, then at the end of the championship we will understand. The image of Messi on the Duomo? It is easier to move the Duomo than to bring Messi ”.

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