Conte towards farewell: ‘We will plan the future of Inter, with or without me. There is a limit to everything, I must also think about the family ‘| First page

Antonio With you, coach of theInter, talk to the microphones of Sky Sports at the end of the Europa League final, lost 3-2 against Seville.

ON THE MATCH – “The game was tough, balanced. In the second half an episode could move the game. We had two episodes that could move the game in our favor. Then there was that unfortunate episode of Romelu, and there it is normal that it becomes difficult. The regret goes up to a certain point, I think the players gave everything we had against a team accustomed to this type of finals, with experienced players who had already won this cup. This made the difference in the end. ” .

THE GROWTH OF THE TEAM – “These guys must have the certainty of having grown up in an important way. They got to play a final of a competition like the Europa League, many were in their first experience. Between the Champions League and the Europa League, many boys this year have had experience that will be useful in the future “.

ON THE FUTURE –When will there be a confrontation with Zhang? Now we have to go back to Milan, we will take two or three days of vacation, then with a cool head we will meet and that’s right. We will then make an examination of the season, of everything, in a very serene way we will try to plan the future of Inter. With or without me. We will see“.

EVALUATIONS – “We worked hard, it was a very tough season. It is right now to take a couple of days and then make the best decision for the good of Inter, always in the utmost cordiality with everyone. There is no hatred, there are views that may be different. Evaluations will be made. I repeat, it was a very tough year. We will understand well, in a serene way. For me it was a beautiful year “.

POINT OF VIEW – “I cannot tell you my point of view. Eventually I will say it when there will be an opportunity to confront with a cool head, after having disposed of these efforts. I repeat, it is right to build something important, but doing it in harmony is the best thing. This is the basis of everything“.

ON THE EXPERIENCE – “Regardless of everything, for me it was an incredible experience and it was worth it. I thank you for the opportunity that was given to me. The environment welcomed me beyond the rosiest expectations. I gave a lot and received a lot from my players. It was worth it and I will always thank the company, I will thank Marotta, Ausilio, the people who have chosen me. I will say my point of view with a cool head, to build something important it takes harmony“.

NO GRUDGE –I have no grudge against the management and I don’t think they have it towards me. It is not a question of rancor, it is a question of points of view and situations that I faced this year and did not like. I also have a family and I have to understand if my priority remains football, because there is a limit to everything and I have to understand where mine is going. I don’t want my private life to be affected as well. But without any hard feelings, I assure you. It was a beautiful but tough journey, from all points of view. I am not going back, if we can improve we will do it, otherwise we will see. I know that I don’t want to spend another year in this way, it is right that President Zhang also makes his assessments based on what I will tell him “.

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