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Serie A returns to deal with the Coronavirus one month before the start of the 2020/21 season. The list of players who have contracted Covid-19 – even without presenting relevant symptoms – is getting longer: only today the positivity of Andrea Petagna, Jeremie Boga, two players from Torino and one from Brescia (relegated to Serie B). Yesterday Cagliari – which last August 17 had communicated the positivity of Kiril Despodov – announced those of Filip Bradarić, Luca Ceppitelli and Alberto Cerri. Also yesterday, the second Roma goalkeeper Antonio Mirante has made it known that he has contracted Covid-19. Always in the Giallorossi club, two Primavera players had tested positive for Coronavirus in recent days. Right now the teams are gathering and the players are being tested: there is the risk of other positivity towards the start of the next championship and the alarm has already gone off among presidents and managers.

LEARNING ROME – At the Roma home there is a lot of concern: in addition to Mirante and the two young players from the Primavera, they had positive results (all are well, they are asymptomatic and are observing the period of isolation and quarantine waiting to be able to return to training with their teammates), a good part of the team was on vacation in Sardinia: from Zaniolo to Kolarov, Pellegrini, Mkhitaryan, Spinazzola, Ibanez and Juan Jesus as well as Chris Smalling, defender that Roma is trying in every way to recover from Manchester United.

PADS EXPECTED – Same situation a Turin, grenade side, where the outcome of all the swabs is now awaited and in particular they are underlined “further investigations for three other first team players who had been in close contact with the positives in recent days and that at the moment they are not yet part of the team group ”. Ditto in Cagliari, where “in agreement with the health authorities, based on the protocols in force and as a precaution, quarantine was ordered with active surveillance for two other players of the first team who were in close contact with the positives “.

RISK OF NEW POSITIVES – The contagion of Petagna, the new Napoli striker, has instead been discovered following the positivity of the brother with whom he had come in contact during these days of vacation. Petagna, “asymptomatic, has started the period of quarantine at home, at the end of which, after the negativity of the next swab, he will join the team”, informs Napoli. The forward spent his holidays in Sardinia, in the same area where the Rossoneri Alessio Romagnoli and Gigio Donnarumma were: they will be subjected to the swab – like all teammates – on Monday at the start of the new season.

UNDER OBSERVATION – As we said, there is also a case of positivity in Brescia. It is a player who has just returned from a holiday in Sardinia, where among other things in recent days he has been in contact with other elements of the Rondinelle squad. These too – including Sandro Tonali – will undergo swabs in the next few hours. Brescia awaits further feedback and investigations, in the hope that the positive Covid-19 player is only one.

ALARM FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON – The Serie A League has fixed the start of the next season on the weekend 19-20 September, but keeps are in control. On 27 August the FIGC formalizes the staff of all the leagues, on 1 September the Lega di A will give the calendars (no ceremony this time, they will be posted on the site), on 2 September the Lega assembly to evaluate the binding offers of the investment funds that they must arrive strictly by 25 August. Some presidents, however, have already begun to express their concerns about the infections of these days: the alternative date for the start of the 2020/21 season would be October 4. For the moment the situation is under control for the League and the Federation, but it must still be monitored day after day with the news coming from the Serie A teams’ retreats.

CLOSED STAGES – While waiting for the new season, the question the fans ask themselves is always the same: “When will we return to the stadium?”. In this regard, the words of Walter Ricciardi, councilor of the Ministry of Health, who hosted by Agorà on Rai 3 he explained: “It depends on the circulation of the virus. If we control it we can think of reopening the mass demonstrations in a controlled way, but with these numbers we cannot do it yet. Furthermore, football matches can only be played without an audience“.

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