Crotonemania: Preiti brings experience, but Asamoah is only a dream | Football


Crotone’s “transfer market” starts from the technical area with the hiring of manager Antonello Preiti, a football man who knows Serie A

well and, I am sure, he will be able to direct the rossobl├╣ management towards a more serene path in the top flight. This does not mean that the company would not have been able to go on alone, on the contrary, the Vrenna family, together with the diesse Ursino, has always shown itself capable in every category and certainly would have done well on its own also in this second experience of A.

Crotonemania: Preiti brings experience, but Asamoah is only a dream | Football
Crotonemania: Preiti brings experience, but Asamoah is only a dream | Football

Of course, however, the arrival of Preiti leads that extra bit of experience and solidity that society needed right now: six years in Parma, then Genoa, Udinese and an experience in Albania.

The new technical collaborator will work alongside the sporting director Peppe Ursino, I am sure that together they will do great things. Two great connoisseurs of football, two intelligent people who certainly will not step on their toes and will work 100% for the interest of the team and society.

The arrival of Preiti has already begun to make the fans fantasize: in fact in the last hours the name of Kwadwo Asamoah, former Juventus, Inter and in the past also Udinese has circulated insistently together, precisely, with the new manager from Crotone.

A suggestive but certainly utopian name for the Crotone coffers, therefore difficult that such a heavy name could end up in Crotone in this period.

We now come to the most dramatic part that affects the entire football sector from A to amateurs: Crotone began athletic training yesterday and the first test was not athletic but serological. The whole team, in fact, before going to the training camp carried out molecular and serological tests to verify any positivity to Covid-19, also given the numerous cases that are occurring in these hours in the entire national football scene.

Is it right to share money in the name of God at the expense of our health? In my opinion no, it would have been more appropriate to calmly assess the post-summer situation and then decide accordingly, but you know, in football it is always the God of money who is the master.


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