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The Cataliotti Football Workshop, Saturday 11 July 2020, offers you an incredible new possibility: AN ONLINE TRAINING COURSE TO BECOME A COLLABORATOR OF A FOOTBALL PROCURER OR A PROCUREMENT AGENCY!

Are you a soccer observer or a former soccer player or, simply, a great soccer fan?

Would you like to collaborate with a sports agent?

We have created for you an AMAZING NEW COURSE (ONLINE!) at the end of which you can decide whether to collaborate directly with our agency or with other agents. Remember that to work with a sports agent you cannot improvise: you need to know the regulatory mechanisms of youth and professional football. It is not enough to know how to identify the potential of a young footballer to become a valuable resource for a prosecutor: YOU MUST BE COMPETENT!


JEAN-CHRISTOPHE CATALIOTTI: Lawyer and author of legal texts, he obtained a license in 2001 to carry out the activity of footballer agent. Expert in sports law and economic-business aspects related to the world of football, he specializes in the sports management of young players and organizes courses for aspiring prosecutors and observers. He has written several books, among which we remember the lucky ones “I quit everything and become a sports agent. The manual for working in football “(Mursia) and” Secrets of the football observer “(Mursia). He is a columnist on the website with the section “Letters to a prosecutor” through which he answers the many questions posed by the parents of young players.

Topics covered:

– assistance of a young footballer
– communication with the parents of the players
– how contacts are created in football
– what to know about membership cards, restrictions, junctions, preparation awards
– contracts of players, individual and collective
National legislation on transfers of young players and professionals
– international legislation on transfers of players, young people and professionals
– calculations on the training allowance
– communication strategies with managers
– ethical rules in relations with experts
– collaboration agreement with a sports agent

How to access the course?
Instructions for connecting via video conference will be sent to everyone! Just connect with a smartphone, tablet or PC!
How long is the course?
From 10 to 18 (break from 13 to 14).

What will be released to you?

The PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE (by ordinary mail) + dispensation with the topics covered (via email) will be sent to everyone on the day of the course + annual collaboration contract (via email).
What is the goal of our workshop?

Create a new professional figure that can really be of assistance to a sports agent or a prosecutor’s agency.
Max members: 20
A particular qualification is not required and there are no age limits.

To find out more and to book your seat click here

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