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Earn Share Do Good From your everyday activities

WowApp offers 8 unique ways to Earn and Do Good from activities you do every day.


Instantly earn real money and Do Good by performing fun and interesting activities such as watching a video, installing an app, reaching a certain level in a game and much more.

Watch Videos

You can earn money and get entertained at the same time by watching interesting videos. A new video and another chance of earning are available every 30 minutes.

Install Apps

Every time you install a useful app on your phone from our available Instant Earn offers, you are rewarded with WowCoins and Do Good.

Complete Activities

After completing tasks from the Instant Earn offers, members are notified about their newly earned WowCoins in up to 10 minutes.


In WowApp, members can play hundreds of fun games online and earn money and Do Good while having fun. There is a category of games to suit everyone’s taste: action, adventure, defence & strategy, sports & racing and many more.


With Smart Web, WowCoins and Do Good by browsing the internet, reading news, completing surveys and shopping online. The browser extension is available for your computer on Chrome and Firefox.


With Smart Slide, your phone’s lockscreen just got a whole lot smarter! You can read articles on your favorite topics and check unread messages and notifications. Do Good every time you use your Android phone.


Earn and Do Good when chatting, reading news, making free calls, video calls, sharing files and more.


Earn and Do Good from your WowApp activity on your Computer and on Wowapp.com platform.

Cash Out
Recharge your prepaid mobile phone with Wow Coins
Bank account

All earnings are on-hold for 60 days.

Doing Good

How You Make a Difference
Every time you use WowApp, you Do Good and make a difference in the world. Even micro-donations are making a difference when added up.

Earn Share Do Good From your everyday activities 1

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