Elettra Lamborghini: ‘Afrojack husband. Baby K and Ferragni? Better me with Giusy Ferreri ‘PHOTOS and VIDEO | First page

Orange flowers for Elettra Lamborghini, who announced her marriage to Nick Van de Vall (known as Afrojack) in September on Lake Como: “We are trying cakes from morning to evening, when we come home rolling!”.

in the meantime the singer challenges Baby K and Chiara Ferragni’s ‘Not enough for me anymore’ together with Giusy Ferreri with the single ‘La Isla’ produced by Takagi & Ketra: “They told us that we are the Italian answer to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande – the words of Elettra –, I am the Italian with the most Latin heart there is. I would have liked to twerk a lot more at the Sanremo Festival, but the clothes I was wearing were not suitable and I skipped the seams … My motto is: never break down and evolve “.


Giusy Ferrero always adds to the Corriere della Sera: “I’ve already sung in Rome-Bangkok with Baby K and I love Chiara Ferragni’s style, but theirs is a different project. We combine two strong personalities, distinct but complementary and in fact and we have integrated perfectly. I have a dark voice and instead Electra is light, this song is a hymn to the complicity between women that leads far. I also enjoyed daring on a choreographic level. We are not two pimps, we are happy with this parenthesis of friendship and career. We got so confident we gave us advice on everything from the clothes in the video (Dolce & Gabbana) to things in our life in general. Elettra invited me to her wedding, we like each other very much but without thinking about becoming a steady couple “.

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