‘Enough with this little theater’, ‘If he goes away he is wrong’: Conte away from Inter, fans divided on social networks. Would you keep it? VOTE | First page

Hours of tension at Inter: the face to face is approaching between Antonio Conte and the club, represented by the president Steven Zhang. The confrontation will take place in the first days of next week. At the moment Conte’s stay seems difficult, with Max Allegri ready to replace him, but everything needs to be clarified even in case of farewell, especially from an economic point of view.

The Inter fans, on social media, divided. Some would be happy to greet the former Juventus manager, others would continue the path started last summer. “Better to restart with Allegri, he is mentally more elastic and the environment would be more serene”, “Now enough with this little theater, we don’t need disgruntled coaches “,” If Conte leaves, it hurts himself and Inter, because to win you need a project and you need to carry it out for years ”.

And you? What do you think of Conte’s year at Inter? Would you now make an effort to keep it for next year as well? Would you go ahead with him or would you change, perhaps focusing on Allegri?

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