Farewell to Rizza: the ex Juve dies at 33 years old. Chiellini: ‘Hi Peppino, we’ll miss you’ | A league

Giuseppe Rizza is dead. The 33 year old ex Juve, friend and companion of Marchisio, Chiellini is Giovinco, had awakened from the induced coma on June 22 following aneurysm. Then, suddenly, his condition worsened last night and Giuseppe, Peppino for his friends, fell asleep for the last time.

“Hi Peppino, we’ll miss you” is the captain’s tweet Juventus, George Chiellini, who greets an ex-partner who leaves. Growing up in the black and white, he dressed in his jersey for Juve Stabia, Livorno, Arezzo, Pergocrema and Nocerina. Just Juve Stabia had given news of his awakening: “Castellammare rejoices as if he had scored a goal with the shirt of Juve Stabia. Come on, lion strength!”. Then the sudden collapse. Which led to the death of the 33 year old.

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