Fiorentina, here is the offer for Piatek: then Torreira or Paredes and Criscito … | Market

Fiorentina is working on the transfer market to bring two old acquaintances from Serie A back to Italy: Piatek is Torreira or Paredes. As we read on Corriere dello Sport, for the Polish striker ex Milan and Genoa (also probed by Turin) the viola offer a loan with redemption set at 20 million euros: 5 million less than the 25 requested by Hertha Berlin.

In midfield, the Argentine from PSG (formerly Roma) is the alternative to Uruguayan Arsenal (formerly Sampdoria), also proposed to Lazio. If he leaves Milenkovic or Pezzella (in Milan’s viewfinder), Fiorentina will come back up Criscito of Genoa.

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