Fiorentina, Iachini controversy: ‘Penalty? Caicedo searched for it. We deserved more ‘ A league

Giuseppe Iachini, coach of the Fiorentina, speak to the microphones of Dazn at the end of the game lost 2-1 against Lazio: “We missed the knockout, we conceded very little, Lazio capitalized on two situations such as the penalty and the rebound on the second goal: we deserved more. “

ON RIBERY – “He is an exemplary boy, an excellent professional, a great player. The team moved well, with personality, he made this splendid goal, but we had to serve him more and be better in the last few meters to go on the 2-0 or the 2-1 They are sins of youth to improve because then we go out without points after such performances. There is great regret for everyone, we deserved another result “.

ON THE MARKING ON MILINKOVIC – “It didn’t have to happen, Dalbert took a yellow card in the first half and with an uncomfortable, fast and quick client like Lazzari he risked staying outnumbered. We had to slide better with Igor, leaving Castrovilli higher. For a few minutes we lowered ourselves too much, but they are things we will work on, moreover it is not prepared “.

ON PENALTY PENALTY IN CAICEDO – “The ball went outside, in my opinion, Caicedo sought contact with the leg, he was good at it because Dragowski was accompanying, without sinking. But it went like this, there is regret because at that moment we were ahead “.

TEAM ATTITUDE – “The boys put it there, in some dribbling situations we could have done a little better. We have to be more concrete in front of goal, there we need to know how to read the final game and be able to put it inside. We didn’t succeed, and this is the regret today: not having given a shoulder to the race “.

ON CUTRONE – “He moved well, he hadn’t played for some time. The alternation with Vlahovic allowed me to put a fresh player and he too of depth”.

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