Fiorentina, the report cards of CM: colossal Ribery, but what are you doing Vlahovic ?! | A league

Lazio 2-1 Fiorentina

Drągowski 5.5: Avoid Lazio’s immediate draw with a nice intervention on Parolo. What an intervention on Jony, then stops Caicedo badly and touches him clearly, giving Lazio a penalty kick in a moment of control of the match.For the rest to report only his Valhalla-style beard.

Milenković 6: Takes a slightly naive yellow, being cursed by those who have it at Fantasy Football. In the second half touches the net with a blow from the edge, play well, anger and substance.

Pezzella 6: He must keep a property a little woody, he does it with great attention and experience. Too bad for the penalty action, everyone is surprised by Caicedo.

Ceccherini 6.5: Very careful on Caicedo, precise, punctual, he plays a level game. The only carelessness costs unfortunately decisive rigor.
(From 29 ‘Venuti s.v.)

Lirola 6: Difficult to read the movements of Luis Alberto, then in the long run he manages to take some measurements. Discreet game, without overdoing it.

Badelj 6: A bit of a match with the past and the future: Lazio, the holder of his card, will decide his future. Fabbri does not see his arm shot in the area and not bad for him, for the rest of the race.
(38 ‘st Pulgar s.v.)

Castrovilli 6.5: It does its job, without overdoing it but with authority and with good quality in the middle of the field. He could end the match at the start of the second half.

Dalbert 5.5: He leaves late with Lazzari, he is warned after 5 minutes but the duel is remarkable, at great speed in a game for long moments under rhythm. He struggles a bit too much to keep it, and the yellow could cost too expensive right away, and costs him the place in the second half.
(From 1 st Igor 6: It shows up, duet with Ribery, on Lazzari must be very careful but try to contain it).

Ghezzal 6.5: It starts well, tries to insert itself, to be lively, it pulls out of the cylinder a perfect line that almost doesn’t mock Strakosha, stopped by the crossbar. Billiards player, always throws extremely dangerous shots with excellent technique. Unfortunate, can you say?

Cutrone 5.5: He moves a lot and finishes little, he is not much sought after despite working a lot for the team. Spends spends spends, but earns very little.
(From 17 ‘st Vlahovic 4: It does not affect, but the nudge on Patric is naive and without reason)

Ribery 8: He makes a goal as a gigantic champion, unquestionable: action in the 50s, as an ace of the ball. They all look for him, they all want to give the ball to him. His game is manual, for management, caliber, technique. Take the ball and players of Lazio for a walk, whenever you want, however you want.
(38 ‘st Sottil: s.v.)

Iachini 6.5: From the grandstand, where he attends the match in the disqualified grandstand, he observes his mini-revolution that starts well, without that penalty for a single, only carelessness of the defense we would be talking about a great victory. Instead, it ended badly.

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