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Inter have not played a European semi-final since 2010, the year of treble. He played it and won it. Indeed, he dominated it, literally breaking through the Shakhtar. Double of a irrepressible Lautaro Martinez, two goals from Lukaku, goals from D’Ambrosio, stratospheric performance by Barella and the whole team. Five to zero in a Europa League semi-final is an incredible result, but this time fully deserved. Shakhtar never existed, Inter swept him away on an athletic level with a monstrous second half. Sevilla await them in Cologne, it will be a great consolatory final not for the two clubs, but for the countries they represent, eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

POSSESSION AND COUNTER-FOOT – The match was clear from the start. Shakhtar chose the ball, using an individual and collective technique that they thought was superior to Inter. Which Inter, in turn, started by pressing high and then, slowly, lowered itself waiting to recover the ball and launch Lautaro and Lukaku. The Ukrainian-Brazilian dribble developed from one side to the other through Marlos and Taison, the two attacking outsiders. After a quarter of an hour, the two full-backs, Dodò on the right and Matviyenko on the left, also entered the attacking phase. When Shakhtar exposed themselves too much, Inter hit him. He has to thank Pyatov, the worst goalkeeper of the European cups with feet. The first postponement was wrong, the second was also wrong by delivering the ball on the trocar in Barella, a shot by the ex from Cagliari, Matviyenko jumped in speed, a perfect cross for Lautaro Martinez’s header who anticipated Kryvtsov and scored.

VANESIUM DRAWING – Shakhtar continued with his style of play, continuous dribble, but with no outlet, very Brazilian, very vain and very useless. Inter, more practical, more concrete, more decisive, went close to 2-0 with D’Ambrosio, hindered by Lukaku who was enticed by that ball in the small area (but perhaps Lautaro was offside). Throughout the first half, the Ukrainian team created only one real chance, with a deadly attack by Dodò on whose cross De Vrij anticipated Junior Moraes, otherwise never set in motion. Third chance for Inter with Barella coming in at a steady pace, while Gagliardini and Brozovic controlled the defensive phase. Everything worked very well in Conte’s team who had chosen the right tactic. Do you like the ball? Keep it, leave us the space. And in that space, Inter Milan would have become unstoppable. Safe behind, brilliant in the middle of the field and in front Lautaro was driving the two uncertain central Shakhtar crazy.

CRAZY SHOOTInter disintegrated Shakhtar in the second half. Castro’s team gave the Nerazzurri the space they wanted. After 3 ‘, Lautaro immediately had the ball 2-0 but Pyatov, with a shot in the back, deflected for a corner. The Ukrainians made a mistake with Junior Moraes (central header rejected by Handanovic) the only real chance of their game and from that moment Inter have not forgiven them. The 2-0 came with a header from D’Ambrosio from Brozovic’s corner; the 3-0 with a right-footed shot from Lautaro Martinez; the 4-0 with a left by Lukaku on Lautaro’s assist; the 5-0 with a right from Lukaku after a deadly shot.

CANDIDATE – Too much Inter for the fragile and snooty Shakhtar of this semi-final. Now Conte’s team is favored: bringing back a Cup to Milan ten years after Mourinho’s would mean ending a good season in a great way.


Inter-Shakhtar: 5-0

Assist: Barella 19 ‘, 19’ s.t. Brozovic, Lautaro 33 ‘

Gol: Lautaro 19 ‘, D’Ambrosio 19’ s.t., Lautaro 29 ‘s.t., Lukaku 33’ s.t., Lukaku 38 ‘s.t.

Inter: Handanovic; Godin, de Vrij, Batons; D’Ambrosio (from 36th Moses), Barella, Brozovic (from 39th Sensi), Gagliardini, Young (from 21st Biraghi); Lukaku (from 39 ‘s.t. Esposito), Lautaro (from 36’ s.t. Eriksen).

Shakhtar: Pyatov; Dodo, Krystov, Khocholava, Matviyenko; Marcos Antonio, Stepanenko; Marlos (from the 30th century Konoplyanka), Alan Patrick (from the 14th century Solomon), Taison; Junior Moraes.

Ammonites: Taison (S)


Referee: Szymon Marciniak

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