Frosinone, Nesta: ‘Stronger spice? No, we deserved more. My future … ‘| Market

So Alessandro Nesta, coach of Frosinone, commented a DAZN the lack of promotion after the final lost against Spezia: “We had a great match, in the two clashes we only missed the first half hour of the first leg. I’m sorry for my boys, they really gave everything and deserved a different ending. C “It is also regret for the environment, in my opinion Spezia was no longer strong and won only because they had the double result. Too bad, there were 30 minutes to take it back and we tried in every way”.

DON’T WIN B – “Ups and downs, but the boys gave us great emotions in these playoffs. Before Covid we were third two points from the second, after the lockdown there were problems but everyone suffered this long stop. In the double game, in my opinion notice, we did better than La Spezia. I have no regrets even for the first leg, there was only a small inattention paid at a high price. Too bad, really! “.

FEELINGS – “Inside of me I have a lot of anger, for what we did we deserved more. Sorry for the environment and for the boys, it’s a sad evening. Few teams after relegation have won immediately, we only missed a goal” .

FUTURE – “Let us rest one day, there is no lucidity. I will dispose of the bitterness, when I lose I find it hard to think. The taste of defeat must make us earn evil”.

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