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The Messi issue is taking center stage at Barcelona. The new course Koeman he left, but everything always revolves around the captain, the number 10, to the symbol of these last 20 years Blaugrana. The Pulga decided to leave the Boat, with the famous burofax delivered to the club, strong, however, of the clause from 700 million euros to get free, also highlighted yesterday by La Liga. So what? And so Wednesday will be a crucial day.

THE MEETING – Jorge Messi, father of Leo, in the week will leave Rosary to travel to Barcelona and meet so Bartomeu, president of the Spaniards. He writes it Mundo Deportivo, with the two protagonists of the next face to face who, these days, are still keeping in touch. Jorge Messi wants to find a meeting point with the club to make Lionel go away in the most civilized way possible, although his son has already forced his hand by not showing up for training, and explaining how the Argentine 10 wants new challenges, at 33 years old. On the other hand, Bartomeu has no intention of giving away his star, much less for free. The ‘confrontation’ is only just beginning. Meanwhile Manchester City are waiting.

750 MILLION! – In pole position for Lionel Messi, i Citizens they prepare the salary monstre for the champion of Boat. As he writes Sport, the British prepare a large investment for the contract: five-year, expiring June 30, 2025 (first 3 years in the City, then the last 2 in New York, in MLS), € 100 million gross per season, which makes a total of € 500 million gross only for the engagement. And then there’s another 250 million. For what? The City is ready to pay 250 million into the coffers of the Pulga in three years as a transfer bonus for getting to Etihad for free and will do so in three years, when he should leave England to fly to the States, to avoid immediate problems with Financial Fair Play. Of course, to get free, however, Messi must first win his challenge against Barcelona. And the City waits …

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