Genoa: Asoro taken, Swedish talent compared to Eto’o | Market

It is called Joel Joshoghene Asoro, was born in Sweden in 1999 from Ghanaian parents, he is a forward in the role and is the new bet for Genoa.

With a real market blitz, Enrico Preziosi’s club won the player who grew up in the Sunderland nursery but currently owned by Swansea, despite having spent the last season on loan at Groningen in the Netherlands.

Asoro, born as a winger and then a center forward, is considered one of the rising stars of Swedish football, even though he has not yet made his debut in the senior national team. Due to his physical, technical and tactical characteristics at home he has often been referred to as a mix between Samuel Eto’o and Memphis Depay. After a first part of a very promising career, with the major English clubs competing for the card, in recent years Asoro has encountered some too many difficulties, not finding the continuity of performance necessary to establish itself at high levels.

Now he tries to relaunch himself definitively by landing at the Grifone, where he is already expected today to undergo medical examinations and then write down his contract with the rossobl├╣s.

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