Genoa, Benevento wants to treat themselves to Lapadula to celebrate the A | Market

Just enough time to file the party for the second promotion in Serie A of its history that Benevento immediately throws itself on the market in search of reinforcements to give to Pippo Inzaghi in view of the category jump.

Among the objectives for some time in the crosshairs of the Samnite leadership there is also Gianluca Lapadula, current Lecce center forward whose card belongs to Genoa. The Salentines against him boast a right of redemption which, however, will hardly be exercised, especially if the Giallorossi fail to achieve salvation. Even at the Griffin, however, the Italian-Peruvian does not seem to boast too many possibilities of permanence, after the two disappointing seasons lived in the shadow of the Lantern in the past.

The hypothesis of a new temporary transfer for the former AC Milan striker therefore appears to be the most plausible solution. However, the definitive assignment cannot be excluded either, with Genoa willing to cut the price tag a lot to get rid of an engagement that exceeds one million euros. In this case, Benevento could win Lapadula for a figure of around 5 million.

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