Genoa, ds Marroccu: ‘Let’s shake off the anxiety and save ourselves’ | A league

If the championship ended today Genoa would be in Serie B.

A step back in the results but also in the game compared to the Griffin left before the pandemic which also does not seem to worry the Rossoblù leadership much. “The one reinitiated in June – explained the DS Francesco Marroccu to Sky on the sidelines of yesterday’s match against Napoli – it is a championship that has characteristics that are difficult to predict at the beginning. The absence of the public, the close races, the physical condition, but above all the psychological aspect is what we must best manage at the moment. I think that with the passing of the matches Genoa will return to demonstrate the value it had shown after the January market. Great confidence will return, eight games are missing, twenty-four points. This is the feeling that pervades our environment “.

For the rossoblù manager the team’s main problem is mentally: “The field is the only real judge of the situation. Now we have to demonstrate and play the games, it is a phase in which we are very worried about the result, gripped by anxiety and fear. The invitation that the club makes to the team is to play with serenity, why values ​​should emerge. We are confident for a team that can achieve salvation, in the eight games not immediately “.

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