GF Vip 5: with Balotelli’s brother Enock also Gregoraci, Vento, Mello and Pepe. The cast and the PHOTOS, there is no Wanda | First page

The official start date has not yet been released, but the Big Brother Vip 5 he already has his cast in full force. Today the competitors who will enter the most spied on house in Italy have been made official.

Many well-known faces also linked to the world of football from Enock Baruwah, Mario’s brother Balotelli, to Flavia Wind, former historian of Francesco Totti. But also Dayane Mello, who has more than one flirtation with more or less known footballers. Then Stefania Orlando, Elizabeth Gregoraci and Francesco Oppini, well-known Juventus fans and timekeeper on various local TV channels.

WOMEN – Elisabetta Gregoraci, Francesca Pepe, Stefania Orlando, Adua Del Vesco, Patrizia De Blanck, Flavia Vento, Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria, Matilde Brandi, Dayane Mello, Myriam Catania.

MEN –Francesco Oppini Tommaso Zorzi Paolo Brosio Fausto Leali Pierpaolo Petrelli Enock Barwuah Massimiliano Morra Andrea Zelletta Fulvio Abbate

Here are the sexiest photos of some of the contestants. There will be no Wanda Nara excluded from the role of columnist. Who do you expect a bang from?

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