Gotti: ‘Proud that Udinese wants to continue with me, it is not obvious’ Market

At the end of the success gained against Sassuolo, Luca Gotti spoke to the microphones of Udinese Tv: “I am very happy for tonight’s victory, not so much in relation to the classification but more in relation to the desire we have shown to have to go and take such a victory against a capable and fit team. We have done our best better and the data have become eloquent, because the team has shown its qualities, which today have brought three points that make the ranking a little more appropriate to the level of the team. You should never take anything for granted, some details have not worked at better because it is not easy to always prepare matches well in such tight times, then we have acquired a general canvas and this has brought us points and victories. I like to think that tonight’s victory is dedicated to the city and to all the fans, because it would have been nice to have them with us today. Finally, I must reiterate that I am proud that Udinese wants to think about continuing with me, it is not a foregone conclusion and it makes me very happy. I would be happy to continue, then from tomorrow we have to think about how this can happen “.

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