Hellasmania: if Hellas is living a dream it is also thanks to Tony D’Amico | Market

The golden moment that the Gialloblù are going through will surely be remembered in the years to come, whatever the outcome of this season. Juric has become the most important symbol of this project, which sees at the top, in addition to President Setti, another great figure: the ds Tony D’Amico. If this success was possible, as well as for the players and the coach, it was also thanks to the perfectly targeted choices made by the management and the sports director, to whom we owe, more than anything else, the decision to give the keys to Juric of the new Verona. A choice that is proving to be a winner and is even more “impactful”, if we consider Tony’s young age: only 39 years old.

The Hellas machine therefore found the two most important gears in the Juri-D’Amico duo and everything is proven from the market choices made during the last market, in which the two were always in contact. The future, near and remote, if you really want to make that qualitative leap that everyone hopes for, will have to see the same interpreters at the top, to continue a job in unison that is giving great satisfaction. Thanks Tony then, because this moment and this joy for all the fans is also thanks to you. Now the championship is in full swing and for Hellas, with the salvation already achieved, there are plans for “inside-out” matches for a goal called Europe, both dreamed and hoped for.

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